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Owner: Catwa Clip (Catwa.Clip)
Natural high quality Mesh Heads, Mesh and Flexi hairstyles, clothes, & accessories by Catwa Clip.

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Ce Soir Arts Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Mireille Jenvieve (Ce Soir Arts)
Ce Soir is home to a music and arts venue that opened in January 2012. Wonderful musicians, writers, and artists of every genre are invited to join us for the sharing of creative vision and performance. Please visit and enjoy the grounds as well as the music and art that make Ce Soir a special place. Visit our blog at

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cecilia Levasseur 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: cecilia Levasseur
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Celestina's Weddings

Owner: Vivians Artizar (Celestina's Weddings)
*♥* What do we offer? An unforgettable event, the dream that you wish, does not concern the subject or the magical idea that you want to realise. The important thing is each event is unique and different, with a special concept. Good taste, quality, elegance and good service. Our work will interpret what always you wanted and to carry out it. Only have to tell us and we to us will make reality.

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Center Ground Group Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Luchenpur Darwin (Center Ground)
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Central Park Pavilion Mailing List

Owner: Sandra Schwamm
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Challis Products

Owner: darmid Illyar (Challis Products)
Challis Products creates animated prims and the more unusual avatars.

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Chameleonic Possessions Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Lelani Carver (Chameleonic Possessions)
Update group for Chameleonic Possessions at St Helens Dry Goods in St Helens and Lelani's shop in Pini

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Changed Seasons's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Emirsyn Resident (Changed Seasons)
Affordable womens fashions! Welcome! Join the group for freebies and notice of new item releases.

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Charity Corleone 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Charity Corleone
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Charleston Couture

Owner: SamiNash Resident
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Charleston Events

Owner: Chely Arlington
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CHAT NOIR -pose design-

Owner: Ryohh Resident
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Cherry Rouge News & Updates

Owner: Tashanni Resident (Cherry Rouge)
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Chharlize Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Chharlize Resident
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Chii Otsuka 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Chii Otsuka (Neko Ya!)
Neko Fashion for the Modern Neko! Boots, Paw Stomperz, Ears, Tails, and Accessories in a New Modern HQ Location! Complete with the Windlight Enabled, Highly Detailed "Metropolis Dance Club" on the 3rd level!

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Chillee's Peppas

Owner: chillee Hernandoz
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Chlabbe Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Chlabbe Resident (AC Rental)
A group for AC Rental & Hotel Seven Stars - Guests and staffs. Skyboxes - Homes - Private - Luxury houses - Sandy Beaches - Fully Furnished - Full Security * For all your dreams * LOW RENT * Welcome to join the group for awesome offers. Its free to join !

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Christo Spyker 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Christo Spyker
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ciao* Update Group

Owner: Chie Iuga
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Claireschen Hesten 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Claireschen Hesten
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Classical Music Fans Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: IMGypsy Resident
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Classy N Sassy

Owner: Cassandra1961 Resident (Classy N Sassy)
For men and women of discriminating taste. Clothing and accessories for High class elegance to sexyy & sassy. This is the store for you.

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Cleopatra Inc Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Cleopatra Antiesse (Silks Silks Silks by Cleopatra INC)
Silks Silks Silks by Cleopatra Inc

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Club CTO Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Gwendolyn Jenvieve (Club CTO)
This is a group founded by Cranston Yordstorm and Turner Harbrough for those who enjoy frequenting Club CTO, which features an eclectic mix of musical styles, with a particular focus on Jazz, and is to be a haven for SL live performers to hone their craft, and spread their gift of music.

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CLUB DRAGON Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: TAD Kleb
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Clyde Barrow/Colter & The Bakelite Boys

Owner: Tina Landau (~Moonlight Shores~)
Club Eternal & Villa Prospero - Live Music VILLA PROSPERO - Home of Clyde Barrow/Colter and the Bakelite Boys

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Coastal Karaoke Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: AgentElle Resident (Coastal Karaoke)
Coastal Karaoke offers Hosted Open Mic every Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Night from 6pm - 9pm SLT Venue is open 24/7 but is unhosted Tune in at For more information see our facebook page at Join our SL Group at secondlife:///app/group/0328105d-2009-7d01-47ff-ece5c1fae9e1/about

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Owner: animaldj Resident (CODEX)

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Owner: coldLogic Resident (coldLogic)
fine quality shopping experience featuring mesh fashion

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