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It's Bat TIme

Owner: BAT8997 Resident (Masters Music)
Friends group for musician Bat Masters

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Northern Ireland Development Cooperative

Owner: Niddy Duffield (Northern Ireland Development)
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Veronica Weksler 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Veronica Weksler
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Grizzly's Angels

Owner: Grizzly Silversmith (Grizzly's Growls -- Second Life DJing, Podcasts and Serialized Audiobooks)
Fan group for my DJ gigs inside Second Life

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KONA Stream

Owner: Ravishal Bentham (KONA Stream)
Find out what is going on with KONA Stream! DJ Gigs, listener parties, special events, and station updates.

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[CPS] Cherry Pop Studio

Owner: Skylah Kesslinger
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Toy's Landscapes Store - Members Club

Owner: Toysoldier Thor (Toys Landscapes Store)
Toy's Landscapes Store demo's & sells his highly sought after master builder themed sculpty terrain packs. His TORNLANDS brand of theme packs includes: "Rocky Terrains", "Raging Rivers", " Shores & Ridges", "Volcanos", Rocky Veneers", and "Desert Hoodoos". In addition to these packs, Toy also sells a variety of custom terrain texture packs and individual sculpted terrain Prims. Toy's multi-floor art gallery is now also located adjacent to his store. Full Contact Info:
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Yumera's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Naoki Puff
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Chii Otsuka 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Chii Otsuka (Neko Ya!)
Neko Fashion for the Modern Neko! Boots, Paw Stomperz, Ears, Tails, and Accessories in a New Modern HQ Location! Complete with the Windlight Enabled, Highly Detailed "Metropolis Dance Club" on the 3rd level!

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Dr3amweaver Studio

Owner: Dr3amweaver Resident (Dr3amweaver Studio)
Dr3amweaver Studio offers a wide variety of products with great quality and pricing, such as wedding venues, cakes, gadgets, slideshows, trees, etc.

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Ink Blots tattoo's by Cathy Updates

Owner: Cathy Ryder
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Owner: Kaerri Rae (Kaerri)
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McKidz Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Mcdogs Cooljoke (Cooljokes Creations)
Cooljokes Creations are specialist in low cost, low prim, high fun kids toys, furniture and bedrooms. If we do not have what you are looking for simply drop me (Mcdogs Cooljoke) a note and I will see what I can come up with for you.

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The Leopard Lounge Subscriber!

Owner: BrendaLee Fredriksson (The Leopard Lounge!)
The Leopard Lounge is beautiful, classy club with a hint of early to mid 1900's seediness...just a little bit of steampunk and ritz mixed in for good measure! Come dance in the elegant ballroom, hangout in the comfy lounge, have a drink at the bar or relax on the veranda. Stay tuned for LIVE musicians and other talent! Contact us for special event planning, weddings and parties :)
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Tempting Elegance

Owner: Angie Trefusis
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Bellefleurs Subscription Groupubscribe-O-Matic

Owner: India Canning (Bellefleurs)
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Pixie Ella 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Pixie Ella
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pandamomo 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Giada Breyer
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Thom Silverfall 's Updates

Owner: Thom Silverfall
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Owner: Glyndarayn Resident
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AdelleArts Manor Fashions

Owner: Ellie Honi (AdelleArts Manor Fashions)
AdelleArts. Fashions, Furniture and Fine Art. Update group to keep you informed of all our latest products.

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Pyro Ashdene 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Pyro Ashdene
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Janice Mills - The Green Eyed Soul -

Owner: Janice Mills
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LC Live! Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Tyro Hollwood (LC Live!)
LC Live! Lost Coconut Music Park ..... Live Music and Live Comedy Events.

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Attitude is an Artform Mailing List

Owner: Heceta Demina (Attitude is an Artform)
Since 2007, A&A brings you custom fantasy mesh and beautiful roleplay gear! Clothing, Armor, Human, Anthro, Furry, Demons, Fauns, jewelry, silks and fantasy fashion. Serene forest lands around store. Art Gallery coming soon...

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Trindolyn Beck is Slaughtered

Owner: Trindolyn Beck
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Ye Faire Herald

Owner: XMarieX Fairport
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Paul Nowles Subscriber

Owner: Paul Nowles
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*Wallflowers* Textures Update Group

Owner: Songdog Woolley (*Wallflowers* Textures)
Full perm textures for building, home decorating, fashion design, and more!

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Owner: Dellybean North (True North Designs)
For information updates on new products coming out from True North Designs, under a variety of subsidiary business labels including: Dellybeams Gem Gallery, 101 Delmations, True North Designs Home and Beach&Patio furnishings, Northern Lights Co. and DellyciousWear.

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