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Whisper of Silk & Sunset Newsletter

Owner: Deb Aristocarnas (A Whisper of Silk)
A Whisper of Silk - Elegant Romantic Adult Club, Entertainment & Restaurant. Candlelight dining, overlooking tropical gardens. Private lounge and exotic themed rooms available FREE to our members. The Lounge a great meeting place for friends, couples, lovers and singles. Extensive Games area, Music events, Competitions

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Maribol Inshan Subscriber

Owner: Maribol Inshan
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Braytania Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Braytania Resident (Bray's Blues Place)
Bray's Place! An upscale Blues venue with NO LAG - Chill Out Lounge, games/voice building, waterfront rental homes, beaches & art gallery. Hand selected DJs playing all Blues genres. Come find your cozy spot & make yourself at home.

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Buy me a Rose - Venue and Mall

Owner: EmeraldRose Pearl
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PlantPets Warehouse Newsletter

Owner: MasterGardener Resident (PlantPets Warehouse)
Become a Gardener in SL, even if you have no RL gardening experience! PlantPets are a fun way to get into Breedables in SL, but they do not require any food! Stop by the Warehouse and check our our massive selection!

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siss boom

Owner: Lestat Reuven (siss boom)
Women's Clothier

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Patsy Petrov ~ SL's Patsy Cline Tribute Singer

Owner: Patsy Petrov (Patsy Petrov ~ SL's Patsy Cline Tribute)
Howdie Ya'll! Patsy here! If ya'll like olde classic country, then I am yer gal! Yep! I specialize in Patsy Cline (hense the name.. hehe!) but if it's olde and country, well, I probably can sing it, so shout it out and by all means, I hope to see MY name up above yer head at our next gig!

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Rhiannan Lane 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Rhiannan Lane
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Owner: Synful Ghost ([Curvosity])
[Curvosity] is a small pose and shape shop in Second Life dedicated to the above average avatar size and standards!

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M*adness L*overs

Owner: Master Lysios
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Zinner Shapes

Owner: Irkisis Zinner
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iAMFiCS Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: iAMFiCS Resident (Holly Giles)
Hailing from Australia, Holly Giles brings a fresh voice to the live music scene of Second Life! A long time promoter of the musical arts, she further enriches our world with her uniquely moving vocal range and passion. She finds joy in music, this joy is not only felt by the listener, but fuels each and every one of her performances. Holly Giles, a name, AND experience, you won't soon forget!

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adelyner Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: adelyner Resident
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RK Poses. Updates

Owner: Keon Xenga (RK Poses)
RK Poses. Update

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boris Afterthought 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: boris Afterthought
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Joe Paravane's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Joe Paravane (Joe Paravane)
Live music performance events & updates for Joe Paravane in Second Life.

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~JoVaN LiVE~

Owner: Jovan Buchsbaum
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Ethereal City

Owner: Noon Jaxxon (Ethereal City )
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Tip 2 Toe (formerly Changed Seasons) Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Emirsyn Resident (Tip 2 Toe (formerly Changed Seasons))
Women's Mesh Fashion Mani Pedi Collections BOM Lingerie Collections

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Ann Seetan 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Ann Seetan
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Jaime Poutine 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Jaime Poutine (Jaime Poutine Original Art)
Abstract art created in RL and digitally by Jaime Poutine

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Absolute Mad Bratz Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Tamara Redenblack
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Darkwatch Stables and Kennels

Owner: Lori Claremont
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*Ichigo Ichie*

Owner: Tsukimi Warwillow (*Ichigo Ichie* Wares for Tea Ceremony)
Update group for Ichigo Ichie, based out of Pontocho Hanamachi. We sell Japanese tea ceremony items. Authentic historical recreations, personal collections, and decorative items. Please join for free items, requests, and information about Chanoyu - the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

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TWM|Naftali Torok's mailinglist

Owner: Naftali Torok
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Mase Dreamscape 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Mase Dreamscape
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SeaCliff Shores

Owner: DavidJames Irwin (SeaCliff Shores)
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Mike00 Carnell Fan Club

Owner: Mike00 Carnell (Mike00 Carnell Fan Club)
Hi there, This group is founded to provide information about me and my next gigs. Please take a look at my profile too, to get more information. Life is nothing without music;) Mike00 Carnell
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LadyGlory Eales 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: LadyGlory Eales
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Nati Jashan 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Nati Jashan
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