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.: Civil War RP :. 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: DakotaCheyenne Resident (.: Civil War RP :.)
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.: Eclectic Stars :. Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Jadziyah Resident (.: Eclectic Stars :.)
Eclectic Stars- A little bit cheeky, many bits geeky! Tired of the same old boring decorations? Looking for some rated: awesome personal flair? Don't fall victim to boring- see ES! Fun for houses & avatars of all shapes & sizes w/ a unique geek flavor!

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.: Fujiwara's World :. Subscribe

Owner: Saixina Aura (.: Fujiwara's World :.)
.: Fujiwara's World :. is a fashion store that realize dresses and accessories for humans and furries, in our store you can find lucky board, group gifts, sales, events and hunts.

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.: Zanzibar creationZ :.

Owner: Arora Zanzibar (.: Zanzibar creationZ :.)
.: Zanzibar creationZ :. is a store of zany, odd, wacky, unique, quirky, fun creations. Something for everyone and anyone. Some custom items made on request - IM Arora Zanzibar with all details. Dare to think outside the prim.

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.:: Saint Leo University Group ::.

Owner: SaintLEOlions Zimer (Saint Leo University)
This group is open to the public. Friends, Students, Staff, Family, and Alumni: Live Music, Events, Giveaways, and Info on... Saint Leo University has provided world-class academic degree programs to its students since its founding in 1889. Today the university offers 41 academic programs including some of the most sought-after majors you'll find anywhere.

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.::Dead Dollz::.

Owner: Kiddo Oh (.::Dead Dollz::.)
Dead Dollz produces female clothes in various styles, from Urban to Neko, from Formal to Casual. Complete outfits, accessories, skirts, jackets, tons of minidresses and sexy lingerie. We do prefer quality over quantity and that includes our freebies too. By joyining the group you will be informed about new releases, sales, hunts and everything is going on at Dead Dollz. Free gift are always behind the corner waiting for you...

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.::Pretty Things to Wear::.

Owner: Gabrielle Hamelin (Gabrielle Hamelin)
.::Pretty Things to Wear::. "Just this and that - Now and Again - For Fun!!

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.:*SNACK Marin~*:.

Owner: Marin Jinn (.:*SNACK Marin~*:.)
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.:EC:. Updates Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: teslinne Quan (.:EC:. Enelya's Creations)
Fashion Mesh Clothing & Appliers Mainstore

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.:FluiD:. Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Mami Deerhunter
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Owner: rainbow Fairymeadow (.:Glint:.)
Let's talk. Let's design together! Est. 2006 Custom wedding rings, engraving, etc. Beautifully made or custom style collars with OC scripts, Lots of Pride Jewelry Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Armbands, Piercings and more Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Gems, Rainbow.... bling, color change. Most items unscripted unless specified. Come check out the store. Join the group for updates, sales, and free gifts.

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.:Joplino:. Poses Subscriber

Owner: Joplino Resident
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Owner: Alegra Taurus (.:KILLA SKINS:.)
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.:S.C:. Sasheba's Closet Subscribers

Owner: Vicarious Lee (.:S.C:. Sasheba's Closet)
Women's apparel and accessories. Fitted mesh aimed at Slink and Maitreya, but many other options offered as well! Why just be "pretty" when you can be "otherworldly and vaguely threatening"?

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Owner: Sofi Piaggio (.:SP:. PIAGGIO)
Cloth, Mesh, Jeans, Top, Skirts, Shoes, Male and Female Welcome , here you 'll find out all the latest news , updates and Gifts Store , any question can send me an IM Sofi Piaggio :)

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.:The Pubby Dog:.

Owner: mehllama Resident (.:The Pubby Dog:.)
A friendly, exciting, and delightfully problematic Irish pub owned by two Avi Choice Award-winning SLCS Cheerleders with music of all styles, including original remixes & mashups on three separate event venues. DJs ✳ live musicians ✳ other creative performers ✳ new friendships and a place to call home. =) P.S. We ❤ our members so we never spam with conference chats or TPs. Please let the owners know if a staff member spams you. =)

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.:VILLENA:. Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Villena Swansen
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..:: A B C ::.. Dwyer's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: ChristopherDwyer Resident (..:: A B C ::.. Dwyer's Creations)
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Owner: Toxic Darkmatter (..::*Toxicity*::..)
This group is for the friends, family, loved ones, and fans of Toxic Darkmatter and will be used for announcements of her live performances on SL.

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..::Starlight Designs::..

Owner: Miley Mowbray (..::♥Starlight Designs♥::..)
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...::: MTD Max Textures Designs :::...

Owner: Ouminakati Aboubakar (Ouminakati Aboubakar)
ACCESSORIES - SHOES - JEWELRY - TEXTURES Shoes Slink Hight Feet Rigged & Unrigged Avatar - Hats - Owl - Spider - Tree - Fish - Bear Rose - Holly Leaf - Bell - Ribbon... and more... Textures Hight Quality And more... More... More!!!!! Gifts for all visitors... Lucky Chairs... Contact: Ouminakati Aboubakar Marketplace:

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.All about Wytchwhisper

Owner: Wytchwhisper Sadofsky (Wytchwhisper)
as a subscriber u will receive info about my latest projects an perfomances without using a group slot!!! whoo hoo!!

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.EMBW. Subscriber

Owner: Emerrem Resident (.EMBW.)
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.ginchi. Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Beatrix Newt (.ginchi.)
.ginchi. & Nacon affordable mesh fashion stuffs. accessories, gacha, mesh horns, mesh keys, mesh comic books, mesh bear hats, mesh earrings, mesh necklaces, mesh kitty ears, mesh clothes coming soon...

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.lame Updates

Owner: Divine Falodir (.lame)
.lame furniture 100% MESH high quality baked shadows furniture!

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"[NIRAMYTH]" Update Group

Owner: Aiko Yue (Niramyth Productions)
Fantasy & Mythical Avatars in Second Life

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"G" Shoes/Trailored "G"

Owner: GoliathMasterson Resident
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"The Jungle" Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Lion Valentino (Jungle Wear,STRAPS, Water Babies)
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((The Nameless Cafe)) News & Events

Owner: Ezekiel Muramabhad
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[ hoorenbeek ] Quality Clothing & Accesories

Owner: Limer Lemon ([ hoorenbeek ] Quality Clothing)
Join [ hoorenbeek ] Quality Clothing group to be among the firsts to know about our new products and special offers!

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