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RFyre Update Group

Owner: Raven Pennyfeather
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Owner: Spirit Osmus (SPIRIT, KITJA)
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The Primgraph

Owner: Eloisa Denimore
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cats Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: cats Resident
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Skye Castles News

Owner: Alex Bader (Studio Skye)
An update group for Skye Studio Skye

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Boudoir Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Vitabela Dubrovna (Vita's Boudoir)
Group for all lovers and admirers of Boudoir design to be informed about new add-ons to collection and group gifts.

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kikunosuke Eel 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: kikunosuke Eel
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Yukio Osei 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Yukio Osei
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Mon Chéri NEWS

Owner: Freya Olivieri
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Lapointe&BastChild Updates

Owner: BastChild Lotus (Lapointe & BastChild Designs)
Updates and announcements for products designed by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus.

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Owner: CrashOV Uladstron (byCrash)
Full perm mesh clothing templates

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Death row designs updater

Owner: Jaimy Hancroft (death row designs)
The shop to be if you like a mix of elegance, macabre, urban and goth .. or if you just like spikes and stuff lol You can find band merchandise there, Girlie band T's and tops, High quality Clothing, Handcrafted belts, bracelets,Skins, Eyes, Complete avatars, Male outfits, Female outfits all sorts of stuff :)

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RMS Titanic Ballroom

Owner: Mara Menges
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Carrie Tatsu's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Carrie Tatsu
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Vive Nine Subscribo Group

Owner: Sanya Bilavio (Vive Nine)
Thank you for joining the Vive Nine Subscribo Group! With membership you will receive information regarding upcoming updates for all our products, upcoming event releases, and upcoming collection info. This is not our store group. Members of this subscribo will not receive store credit or gifts. To join our store update group please go here : secondlife:///app/group/0709215a-63e0-554d-060d-f052a3a41911/about

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Alienbear Jewel 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Alienbear Gupte (Alienbear's Jewelry )
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Sweet-Thing. Updates <3

Owner: AyaShula Resident (Sweet Thing.)
Information & updates for Sweet Thing.

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Alexandrian Free Library Exhibits and Events

Owner: JJ Drinkwater (Alexandrian Free Library Consortium)
Community Libraries serving Caledon, Steelhead, Winterfell, New Toulouse, New Babbage, Amatsu Shima, West of Ireland, Steeltopia, Deadwood, Al Andalus, and Constantinople. We sponsor book talks, readings, story sessions, listening parties, and exhibits of interest to our patrons and all literature-loving avatars.

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Maximillion Kleene 's Rhythm Collective

Owner: Maximillion Kleene
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REPULSE Store Updates

REPULSE [ MACABRE.GORE.HORROR] Store updates group

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Ruxy's design

Owner: Rux Anatra (Ruxy's Design)
Clothes Designer

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Official Meeroos Update Group

Owner: Nocturnals Resident
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JIAN Updates

Owner: JianSL Resident (JIAN)
JIAN is the combined talents of Kalia Firelyte and Ashur Constantine to create fun, whimsical, highly detailed and almost always animated digital goods within Second Life. This group is for anyone interested in keeping up on our store's events and new releases.

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Onsu Subscriber Kiosk

Owner: onsustore Resident (Onsu)
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ToddleeDooStore Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: ToddleeDooStore Resident
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BioBreeds Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Charity Goldfarb (BioBreeds)
A BioBreeds breedable is a virtual pet created for use in and for Second Life™. It’s main characteristic is that it can replicate itself through a genetic mechanism, pretty much like it happens in nature. Each one has certain traits that can be inherited by its offspring and, thus, passes its genes on to the next generation. BioBreeds breedables have behaviors as well. They will listen to your commands and act as real pets. You can also attach creations to them, like a hat or a collar or...

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::C'est la vie!:: subscribe O-Matic group

Owner: Larcoco Mathy (::C'est la vie!:: )
Updates on C'est la vie! products... Join for product info

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. Liquence . Store Subscriber

Owner: LiquenceStore Resident (LiquenceStore)
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Second Health Announcements List

Owner: Project Oh (Second Health)
Imperial College London's Healthcare Projects in the SciLands .... Subscribe for announcements related to healthcare events in Second Life.

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Have fun, while making a difference in our world by supporting THE MICHAEL J FOX FOUNDATION FOR PARKINSON'S RESEARCH through TEAM FOX

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