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Ayiki's Creations

Owner: Ayiki Takakura (Ayiki's Creations)
Creations by Ayiki Takakura

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Ayla Stradling 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Ayla Stradling
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AZ Emporium Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Aarcher Zenovka (AZ Emporium)
Eclectic designs for homes, furniture, camping goods and whatever takes my fancy!

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AzabellaAlamar Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: AzabellaAlamar Resident (Azzy Design)
Clothing, Barre Hud Designs and more =)

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Owner: Fujioka Memo
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B&D Designs

Owner: Dianelou Boucher
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Ba'Lentino Clothing Store

Owner: Phillips Rubanis (Ba'Lentino Clothing Store)
Ba'Lentino Clothing Store one of SL best designer clothing stores. Carrying upscale designer fashion and shoes for ladies and men. Exclusive gifts for members only given weekly. Ba'Lentino Believes in quality not quantity.

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Babu's Little Outpost Update List

Owner: Babu Oh (Babu's Little Outpost)
Little Outpost General Store - tiny funiture, tinies, bungalows, meditation huts, pavilion, sun deck, art nouveau lamps, photo momento music box, radios, gadgets, arts and crafts and mission style furniture.

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Bad Management

Owner: BadOne Resident
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BADA 's Blogger

Owner: Helen Uxlay
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Ballet Pixelle's Subscriber Service

Owner: Inarra Saarinen (Ballet Pixelle)
Ballet Pixelle is a professional dance Company in First Life and Second Life. We are dedicated to exploring the interactions and intersections between physical and virtual dance. We present classical, neo-classical, contemporary, and leading-edge works. We welcome all!

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BambiSanderson Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: BambiSanderson Resident
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Banana Bansheematic

Owner: Rosemarie Indigo (Banana Banshee)
Banana Banshee, colourful eyes to enhance your Second Life avatar!

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Banana Mellow 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Banana Mellow
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Owner: HINA98 Writer (Bar BOOZER)
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Barefoot Designs

Owner: Jeremey Ryan (Barefoot Designs)
Barefoot Designs is the parent company for Barefoot Apparel and Barefoot Homes & Designs. Barefoot Designs is owned by Jeremey Ryan. Barefoot Designs Headquarters is located in Snafu. Barefoot Apparel is now located in Zeord.

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Basic Designs Update Mail Group

Owner: Arritalon Paine ( )
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bbwbabe Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: bbwbabe Resident
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Beach Blanket Bingo

Owner: Mistie Frostwych (Tiny Beach & Boutique)
A lovely beach area to play bingo with friends, play in the surf or shop at a few select shops exclusively for the discriminating tiny shopper.

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Beach Bunns

Owner: Cathiee McMillan (beach Bunns)
Beach Bunns! Swimwear & Clothing Designs by Cathiee McMillan. This Group is the Update group as well as the the customer social chat group. Swimwear, kini's, Bikini's, Bathing Suits, Surf Boards, Surf, Shorts, Board Shorts, Tops, Beach, Bunns, Bumms, Butt. Shorts. Jeans, Photography, Polaroids.

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Beau X

Owner: Aubray Beaumont
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Beccca Baxton 's 24K Group

Owner: Beccca Baxton
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Bee Designs Update group

Owner: Bee Caudron (Bee Designs )
Everyone is Welcome to join this group No spam alowed The group is to let our costumers knows about new releases, xstreet promos,updates and all news about my creations

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Beez Kneez's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Traxie Ying
a club Beez Kneez

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Owner: Belinda Portland
This group is for the fans of the lovely Belinda Portland, a fantastic live singer here in SL. While she is mainly a country girl you can never tell what she will sing when things get going. All information about event times and locations will be sent through this group so if you would like to be a part of the magic that is Belinda keep your eyes on this group

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Bellefleurs Subscription Groupubscribe-O-Matic

Owner: India Canning (Bellefleurs)
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Benjaminz Clothing -Group-

Owner: Capone MacMoragh
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Besitos Subscriber

Owner: MIchaelB Overland
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Beth Odets 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Beth Odets
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Betsey77 Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Betsey77 Resident
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