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Sent on 5/6/20

Attachment: The Darkness Event by Posesion Productions from 5th to 28th
New Release at The Darkness Event. Black Magic Heels, only for Maitreya. Preview:

Sent on 31/5/20

Attachment: :::HYPE EVENTS:::Miix Event
New Item available at The Miix Event. 666 Pin Collar. Preview here, and Landmark incoming!:

Sent on 7/5/20

Attachment: Six Feet Under :: Current Events (May 2020)
Wondering what's been happening at Six Feet Under? Here are some of the recent products that have been "Event Released" recently. (See incoming notecard for details.)


Sent on 13/4/20

Attachment: The Darkness Event by Posesion Productions from 5th to 28th
Available at The Darkness Event, Black Veil Wedges, rigged for Maitreya, SLink, and Belleza Feet. Preview here:

Sent on 22/3/20

Attachment: Aenigma Event - Mar 23rd / April 15th
The Aenigma Event is now open to anyone that would like to check out/buy event items a couple days early. Head over to the event now, and pick up the Six Feet Under event item early, before the...


Sent on 3/4/16

Attachment: New Release @ Six Feet Under
New Release from Six Feet Under. Black Widow Ring. See incoming notecard for more information.


Sent on 7/10/15

Attachment: SFU Release :: Mesh Coffin
New at Six Feet Under, Mesh Coffin (Black). See notecard for more information.


Sent on 1/2/15

Attachment: New @ Six Feet Under :: Black Lotus Wedding RIngs
Black Lotus Wedding Ring Set - Just in time for Valentines Day! Set Includes His/Her Rings, Resize/Texture HUDs, and Proposal Box with animation. You can also purchase rings separately, see...


Sent on 2/1/15

Attachment: SFU Release :: Coffin Backpack and Purse
New from Six Feet Under .. Coffin shaped purse and backpack. see notecard for preview and MP links.


Sent on 25/8/14

Attachment: SFU Release :: Spiked Collars and Cuffs
New Release time! Spiked Collar and Cuffs. They are opencollar scripted but also come unscripted and mod/copy if you want to add your own. 3 packs available, Collar Only, Cuffs Only, or buy the...


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