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Sent on 1/4/20

Attachment: Texture Junction - NO April Fool, Just Textures!
No April Fools tricks today, only fun textures! I have out two beautiful Spring themed sets with fabrics and flowers, one on the Slap & Dash! Thanks! Philomena

Sent on 19/3/20

Attachment: Texture Junction - Hunt Fun + New & Free!
❤ A lot going on today! A hunt, new sets (one in the group lucky chair), and more! Let's do something to get our minds off the stressful and scary times we are in. Through April 1st, I am having a...


Sent on 17/3/20

Attachment: Texture Junction - Japanese Sets + A Gift!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! The group board has a cute set of clover fabric textures, free for you today! There are also 3 brand new sets of Japanese inspired sets today, they are simply lovely. One...


Sent on 16/3/20

Attachment: Texture Junction - Gift For You!
Hello and thank you to everyone for sticking with the group. I am sending you a free set of plaid fabric that is brand new as a thank you! Tomorrow, I will have a few new sets of Japanese...


Sent on 5/11/19

Attachment: Texture Junction - New Group Gift!
There is a brand new group gift for you at the shop, a set of sweater fabric textures! Pop by and click the group or subscriber gift board to grab yours! Pic is in the note! Thanks, Philomena

Sent on 4/11/19

Attachment: Texture Junction - Slap & Dash has new!
On the Slap & Dash today, we have a set of fall fabrics and a couple of cute animal PNGs! Perfect to get those November projects in gear. Another set with fun Autumn fabrics is out as well. All...


Sent on 24/10/19

Attachment: Texture Junction - Autumn Fabric On Mini PLUS BOGO & Half
Today there is a pretty set of Autumn fabric textures up on the Mini-Mania. Stop in and click for a chance to win. The Half-Off and the Buy One Get One Free boards are also changed! Check out the...


Sent on 22/10/19

Attachment: Texture Junction - Free Plaid Set At Shop
Brand new, colorful set on the group freebie boards! Stop by the shop and click to get yours, absolutely free. Also out is a gorgeous set of plaid that can be purchased to accompany this one. ...


Sent on 21/10/19

Attachment: Texture Junction - Foxy Set on the S&D!
An adorable set of fox themed fabric is on the Slap & Dash for the week! Come click to try your luck. Another fox themed set is also out for sale. You can find all the pics and info in the...


Sent on 18/10/19

Attachment: Texture Junction - New Sets, Lucky Chair, SSW & Much More
So much is going on this weekend, 6 new Halloween sets, New Group Lucky Chair, New Donation Gift item, SSW... You just have to read the note to find out about all this! ❤ Thanks! Philomena