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Yasyn Azemus' personal shop since July 13th, 2011. Quality hair, prefabs, and other colorful things made here. :)

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Sent on 2/1/18

Attachment: Japanese New Years Items released
Happy New Year! I have released a traditional Japanese sweet and willow arrangement in my store. Please enjoy my traditional Japanese New Years items! (check the notecard for LM and pictures).


Sent on 15/10/17

Attachment: My Traditional Japanese Items 50% off at GENRE event!
Hey folks, please check out my Japanese items at this shopping event called [[GENRE]]. It just opened for its October round! They are 50% off right now! Details are in the notecard. Thanks for...


Sent on 13/6/14

Attachment: One new hair. Look in notecard for details and pictures.
Hi everyone. I know it has been about two year since I've said anything, but I do plan to bring my shop back to life. For now , I have released my first non-rigged mesh hair. Please see notecard...


Sent on 18/5/12

Attachment: Yasyn's Odds and Ends - Mainstore, WatchTower
I have placed a prize board for the Whack-A-Mole machine. If you can score high enough, you can get the hair that is in there for free XD... if you can. I was able to, so you should, too. :) LM...


Sent on 12/5/12

Attachment: Yasyn's Odds and Ends - Mainstore, WatchTower
Hi all. The Effervescent Chrysalis hairstyle from the Crazy Hair Hunt last month is now released in all possible colors with new scripted menu driven functions for the butterfly textures, tinting,...


Sent on 10/5/12

Attachment: Yasyn's Odds and Ends - Mainstore, WatchTower
The hair style that comes with a beanie attached (called Cuddle) from the Crush on You event back in February is out now. Sorry for the delay. RL is busy! Thanks! :) Please try the demo in the...


Sent on 30/3/12

Attachment: CCH3 - Yasyn's Odds and Ends AD
Hi folks, the Crazy Hair Hunt 3 is about to begin. I have placed my item out now. Photo is attached and sent to you and here is the SURL. I hope you all enjoy!

Sent on 14/3/12

Attachment: Yasyn's Odds and Ends - Mainstore, WatchTower
Hello folks. Just wanted to say my shop moved. New LM provided. I have yet to updated LM'S in my Marketplace boxes, but everything else is updated! SEE THE LM ATTACHED! Thanks.


Sent on 1/3/12

Attachment: NEW Things+Upcoming Hunt @ Yasyn's Odds and Ends 3/1/2012
Hey folks, I released the Durden hair in JUST BLACK by popular demand. It is available inworld and on the SL Marketplace. Check notecard for link, LM, and details. I am also participating in a...


Sent on 23/2/12

Attachment: Yasyn's Odds and Ends @ :::: DBTai MaLL ::::, Country Meadows
Hello folks, DBTai Mall is reopening today with a party at 5am SLT until 7am SLT. There are some freebies available at this grand reopening (including my store hence the notice), so come by and...


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