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 Jozie Fhang
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Updates and freebies for those concerned about group slots!

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Sent on 14/3/17

Attachment: Sneakers iwsd
NEW @ ARIDOKI! Ladies Mesh Sneakers in 4 Patterns! Only 100L!


Sent on 15/3/16

Attachment: sky studio
New @ ARIDOKI, 100% Mesh Sky Studio!


Sent on 13/12/15

Attachment: IWSD Antlers
Mix and Match Deer Ears and Antlers @ ARIDOKI


Sent on 8/12/15

Attachment: Penguin Gacha
Now available via Gacha, our adorable Penguin Plushies! 4 types, 1 rare 80L


Sent on 12/9/15

Attachment: ARIDOKI
Did you hear about our new location?


Sent on 17/4/15

Attachment: Unicorn gacha
NEW Unicorn Horn and Ears Gacha, 50L to Play two rares to earn!


Sent on 21/10/14

Attachment: Snapshot : Jozie Fhangs Home, Sylvhara (233, 90, 30)
New Halloween Gacha!


Sent on 22/9/11

Attachment: Plant Sacks
New adorable plant sacks available in four varieties!


Sent on 18/9/11

Attachment: sidetableD_white
Adorable sidetables are now available, with and without drawers!


Sent on 12/9/11

Attachment: (none)
Enrollment fee to ARIDOKI VIP is now only 50L, giving you 25% off all in-world purchases! Join now!


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