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SCROLL DOWN FOR KIOSK LOCATIONS Subscription group for Pomegranate, for people who like pillows and rugs.

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Sent on 9/9/20

Attachment: Pomegranate - Pallet Seats & Button Pillows (Box)
Hi! I'm learning to do my own mesh, and I thought it would be fun to give my homework out to my groups. Disclaimer: I'm doing alright, but this is noobtown right now, and I don't have the luxury...


Sent on 23/8/20

Attachment: (none)
Heads-up: Pomegranate is moving! There will be a new landmark coming soon, and I'll do some sort of promo event, so keep an ear out. :) I'll still be open in the meantime.


Sent on 29/6/20

Attachment: Pomegranate - Stand For Justice, Timeless Mall Hunt 6/19/20
Tomorrow is the last day for the Stand For Justice fundraiser in support of Black lives. There are lots of lovely items to buy there. Also wrapping up is the Timeless Mall Celebrating Summer Mini...


Sent on 19/6/20

Attachment: Pomegranate - Stand For Justice, Timeless Mall Hunt 6/19/20
Two more pastel fur pillow colors for Stand For Justice, available at my main store only. Also! I am taking part in a hunt at Timeless Mall. Info [

Sent on 10/6/20

Attachment: Pomegranate at Stand for Justice - In Support of Black Lives
Hello! The notecard I sent out yesterday had a landmark that took you to the landing point of the Stand For Justice fundraiser. Here is a landmark that should drop you right in front of my items...


Sent on 9/6/20

Attachment: Pomegranate - New Fur Colors, Tropical Set @ Stand For Justice
A topical mini-collection @ 50% off + old faves and new fur colors for the Stand For Justice fundraiser. More details and pics in the notecard and my website here:

Sent on 4/1/20

Attachment: Pomegranate - Morning Garden Pillows - Forget-Me-Not Mini Set
Morning Garden Pillows Mini Set Gift The Morning Garden set started as a V-Day hunt gift that, for reasons of software tantrums, just didn’t make it. This is the original trio. They are similar...


Sent on 21/12/19

Attachment: Pomegranate LM
Early Bird Sale! These are definitely in the 'cute' category, with birds and flowers, plus solids, all w/ texture change trim. You can pick these up at half price until posts go up and notecards...


Sent on 17/12/19

Attachment: Pomegranate - New Endearment Pillows & Ongoing Events 12/17/19
Endearment Pillows Now in "Angel" and "Babe" Details incoming, or you can hop on over to the post:

Sent on 11/12/19

Attachment: Pomegranate LM
Moar Early Bird Sale at Pomegranate: I made some "Angel" and "Babe" Endearment pillows. One will be a gift under the tree, and has a tag to tell you. All are 25L until the official announcement...


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