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Sent on 29/3/17

Attachment: ->Freak<- reopens as {eDgy!} !
Ladies! Check out this NC! we are reopening as {eDgy!}


Sent on 2/8/15

Attachment: ->Freak<- MOVING SALE! 50% on ALL Items
Heya everyone :) ->Freak<- will be moving and is having a 50% sale. Please see Notecard for more information :)


Sent on 23/6/15

Attachment: Neue Notiz
Hello Ladies! We now have a gacha in our Store! Check the NC for more details and a Picture :) Have a great day!


Sent on 1/5/15

Attachment: ->Freak<- New Releases and New Location
Hello Everyone :) Please accept the attached Notecard for new Location and New Releases :) Have a great Day! ->Freak<-


Sent on 23/4/15

Attachment: ->Freak<- New Release AYNA Dress!
->Freak<- NEW RELEASE. Please read the Notecard for details :)