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Sent on 10/6/17

Attachment: Dreaming Twilight
Arashiryuu Yashiro's shrine has moved again. We have left Trotsdale, which we expected anyway to be temporary as we waited for the admins of Nisa to be ready with a new area. Nisa has become The...


Sent on 25/9/14

Attachment: Shinseinotama-ya (Arashiryuu Yashiro & more)
The move will be completed by the 30th. This is the LM for the new location that the shrine will be in. We are right next to Astrid Sector Alpha, which is where the haiku sessions have been. As...


Sent on 14/8/14

Attachment: Haiku Workshop with the ASA
Starting Monday, Aug 18 at 6PM SLT There will be a series of nine workshops on haiku and spirituality. Please see the card for full details and location.


Sent on 11/6/14

Attachment: (none)
Due to the day's circumstances today's misogi is postponed until later this week. The waterfall is still available though, and there are instructions in the rock by the pool if you wish to partake...


Sent on 1/6/14

Attachment: Arashiyruu Kami-ya new Landing
Beginning of the month purifications will begin at 12:30 today. Your presence is not required as all members receive this by proxy.


Sent on 2/12/13

Attachment: (none)
From Oscy: We're having to move the plot some. Just across the way, but I don't know yet if we're going to have to rescale the plot or anything. So changes incoming! I'll send out the new LMs as...


Sent on 19/11/13

Attachment: Arashiryuu Shrine (Nemmers, Kami-ya)
Arashiryuu Yashiro welcomes the first good steady rain of the rainy season to Mt Shasta. Now that the rain kami has returned to water us is a good time to offer the storm meditation. Time: 12PM...


Sent on 13/11/13

Attachment: Arashiryuu Shrine (Nemmers, Kami-ya)
Today's Kwan Yin meditation will be at noon sl/pacific time at Arashiryuu Yashiro. I will offer "The Vase, the willow, and the dew"


Sent on 24/10/13

Attachment: Poetry Reading Oct 26 at 6PM
October 26 at 6 PM SLT/ PDT thre will be a reading of selected poem from my shinto inspired poetry book "Call of the Kami" and an in progress poetry book. Landmark is in the notecard. It will be...


Sent on 19/9/13

Attachment: Arashiryuu Shrine (Nemmers, Kami-ya)
I am not well enough today to guide a Lunar misogi session for the full moon, due to a bad reaction from having my bloodwork done today. (I've been very remiss in not offering these more regularly...


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