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Sent on 30/1/19

Attachment: Alchemelic @ Silver Dragon
12pm Alchemelic @ Silver Dragon Hey Folks we will be playing some Alchemelic for you today from 12 until 1 at Siver Dragon. Come on over and join us. We will play some old faves and some brand...


Sent on 24/1/19

Attachment: In the Future Art by Kalyca
We are proud to announce the opening of "In The Future" art by kalyca at Surreal Gallery. There will be a half hour meet and greet followed by an half hour performance of Alchemelic's latest album...


Sent on 13/1/19

Attachment: running with_redirect
Due to circumstances beyond our control the gallery opening has been postponed, BUT we have instead redirected the party to another location. Please join us in Octaluma for a private house party...


Sent on 9/1/19

Attachment: proton d-oo-b 12pm Silver Dragon
WEDNESDAYS!! proton d-oo-b 12pm Silver Dragon Come on over and join us! d-oo-b will be playing an amazing set of eclectic tunes for your listening enjoyment! See you there!

Sent on 7/1/19

Attachment: Wyatt's Wizard Show
1pm Alchemelic @ Wizards Moonday, Monday Jan.7th Alchemelic 1PM slt - Jana Kyomoon 2PM slt Alchemelic: music and art by d-oo-b & kalyca present their synergy in sound and vision! 1PM slt Jana...


Sent on 27/12/18

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