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Sent 4 days, 12 hours ago

Attachment: Blueberry Icon Angel Outfit
Blueberry Icon Set is now available at Blueberry Main Store. 79511558@N08/39023738524/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent 2 weeks ago

Attachment: Blueberry Girls Night Ad Full
Blueberry New Release @ Collabor88! 79511558@N08/38856141494/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: Blueberry Zuzu Set
Blueberry Brand New 3 Piece Set. (Also now updated)! Hey dolls, Here is the brand new Blueberry release featuring a knotted top that can be worn in dress shirt, plaid or denim versions. Fat pack...


Sent on 4/12/17

Attachment: Blueberry Bree Dresses and Boots
Blueberry New Release! Lace up Dress and Lace Up Boots ♥ The laces and metals can be color changed on both the dresses and the boots. Fat packs come with Gold Pack and Ombre Pack but they can also...


Sent on 22/11/17

Attachment: Blueberry -Black Friday Sale & New Release
Black Friday Sale! Hey guys, 79511558@N08/24712972318/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent on 31/10/17

Attachment: Blueberry Poppy Leggings and Jackets
Blueberry New Release - Blueberry - Poppy Leggings and Bomber Jackets.

Sent on 3/10/17

Attachment: Blueberry Kimi Jackets and Skirts Set
Blueberry New Mainstore Release. 79511558@N08/37433707936/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent on 16/9/17

Attachment: Blueberry Serena Set
Blueberry New Release - Leather Pants, Jeans, Bodysuits. 79511558@N08/37264790775/in/dateposted-public/"...


Sent on 7/9/17

Attachment: Blueberry Benny Rolled Side Tank Tops
Blueberry at Collabor88! Hi dolls! Here are the Benny Tops I have prepared for Collabor88:

Sent on 26/8/17

Attachment: Blueberry - Tinker Set
New @ Blueberry. Here is the Tinker Set: 79511558@N08/36018440803/in/dateposted-public/ Each"...


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