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Sent on 17/7/19

Attachment: DYNASTY x BAD UNICORN - Tenbatsu Bar (Whole Ad)
For this birthday round of Epiphany, we linked up with Bad Unicorn to bring to you our newest gacha. Tenbatsu Bar collection will consist of 12 Commons, 1 Rare, 1 Exclusive - all for 50L per play....


Sent on 16/4/19

Attachment: DYNASTY - Archaic Set - AD (For EPIPHANY)
The Epiphany opened for yet another round! DYNASTY will be there to present our newest gacha collection, the ARACHIC Set. The gacha machine will consist of 9 Commons, 2 Rares, and also including...


Sent on 24/3/19

Attachment: DYNASTY - Hubei Sidetables (At Bloom)
Bloom: Springtime Market & Gacha Grove 2019 opened on Saturday March 23rd and Dynasty has these two rustic Hubei sidetables displayed at this event and available for sale. Get yours today!

Sent on 14/2/19

Attachment: DYNASTY - Polishing Stations AD (for SULTRY)
Polishing Station available now in Dark and Light versions at SULTRY. In total, there are 16 animations: 1 shoeshine, 6 singles, and 9 couples. Please keep in mind that there are some ADULTS...


Sent on 29/11/18

Attachment: DYNASTY - Cozy Winter - AD (at EPIPHANY)
DYNASTY will be at Epiphany's Holiday Edition to present our newest gacha collection, Cozy Winter. The gacha machine will consist of 9 Commons, 1 Rare - all for 50L per play.

Sent on 17/11/18

Attachment: DYNASTY - Ornamental Lanterns AD (for TANNENBAUM)
The holidays are sneaking up on us before we know it! Dynasty will be participating at Tannenbaum to present two ornamental lanterns in both colours: red and brass. The event runs from Nov17 -...


Sent on 30/9/18

Attachment: DYNASTY - Legacy Cabinets AD (for SANARAE)
SaNaRae's 3rd anniversary is being held NOW and it's a pleasure for DYNASTY to participate at this occasion. We have two colour cabinets in both dark and light wood with each having an optional...


Sent on 15/7/18

Attachment: DYNASTY - Sacred Shrine AD (for EPIPHANY)
Today (July 15th) the Epiphany celebrates its 3rd birthday! Dynasty is excited to showcase the newest gacha collection: Sacred Shrine. 11 Commons, 1 Rare, and exclusive item - all for 50L per...


Sent on 16/4/18

Attachment: DYNASTY - Tranquility Set AD (at EPIPHANY)
Epiphany opened for yet another round as of yesterday! DYNASTY'S newest collection is called the "Tranquility Set." The gacha machine will consist of 9 Commons, 1 Rare, and also including an item...


Sent on 15/4/18

Attachment: DYNASTY - Garden Stools (at Bloom)
Now at Bloom: Springtime Market & Gacha Grove on which opens today, Sunday, April 15th, DYNASTY has these three garden stools displayed at this event available for sale!

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