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Sent on 15/3/20

Attachment: [Yumera] March 2020 News
News time! Yumera moved http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Envar/170/145/1311


Sent on 10/4/19

Attachment: (none)
Had a bit of trouble with the vendors. Should be fixed now!


Sent on 3/9/16

Attachment: [Yumera] News - September 4th, 2016
New Kemono swimsuit! Check the notecard or shop tumblr for details. :> http://yumera-sl.tumblr.com/


Sent on 10/11/15

Attachment: [Yumera] November 10, 2015 News
News~ New Gacha and stuff. Check the notecard for more info!


Sent on 27/6/15

Attachment: [Yumera] June 27, 2015 News
News time! Candypop event is going on. Check the notecard for details!


Sent on 12/5/15

Attachment: [Yumera] May 11, 2015 News
New release, and a new mall location! Check the notecard for details.


Sent on 30/4/15

Attachment: [Yumera] April 30, 2015 News
New release time! Check the notecard for details.


Sent on 2/8/14

Attachment: [Yumera] August 2, 2014 News
Hey guys! There's a new hunt starting. Check the notecard for more info!


Sent on 1/6/14

Attachment: Yumera @ Ravenlock
Hey guys! Just set up sale vendors at Ravenlock, Pony Town, and Vanhoover. 50% off packs of eyes for the EP pony (including Nocturne!) and 20% off giftcards. The sale will run from June 1st until...


Sent on 22/12/13

Attachment: ..::QFC::.. Stores 21st -28th Dec
The Quest Fur Cover hunt has started! Check the notecard for more info. There's lots of neat free prizes to find, so get hunting!


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