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An update group for Cila bloger to have the latest news and updates on items made by *Cila*.

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Sent on 31/1/17

Attachment: *Cila*NaLan Princess Blogger&Friend Pack
New item for FGC event <3~Chinese style of dress ,Hope you like it~


Sent on 19/1/17

Attachment: *Cila*Flower Winter Sweater Blogger &Friends pack
New item for The Kawaii Project <3 Hope you like it


Sent on 10/1/17

Attachment: *Cila*Silk gloves Blogger &Friends pack
New item for OMG event~hope you like it~


Sent on 28/12/16

Attachment: *Cila* Miss Jane Blogger &Friend pack
New item for TP7 <3!


Sent on 19/12/16

Attachment: *Cila*Rococo Heart Heels Blogger pack
Finally I'm Back to SL~ yay~Here is the new product for TKP~hope you like it^^...


Sent on 17/8/16

Attachment: BADA X Cila Robot Bag Blogger pack
new product <3 robot bag


Sent on 6/8/16

Attachment: *Cila* Magic Key Peridot RARE Blogger pack
new staff for FGC event <3 Touch to Resize!!


Sent on 15/7/16

Attachment: *Cila*Winny Butterfly Friend &Blogger Pack
For Okinawa event ! hope you like it<3


Sent on 14/7/16

Attachment: *Cila*Celina Blogger&Friend BOX
For Epiphany event <3 hope you like it~


Sent on 8/7/16

Attachment: BADA*Cila* Cial Dress Blogger and Friend pack
so sorry for being late>.< I forgot to send this cute dress!hope you guys still will bolg it<3