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Sent on 10/1/18

Attachment: =EC Designs= Retro Living Room Set Image
We love the Wash Sale! For this round of the Cart madness, we've created a living room set with a retro look. Each piece is 10L, which means you can have a complete living room set for 60L total...


Sent on 4/12/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= (SotM - December - Hawaii) CMNT
Your December Set of the Month is coming from =EC Designs=! We also have a vendor up in the store with all of the sets from the year, in case you missed one. Come check it out!


Sent on 23/11/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= SALE STARTS NOW!!
Our sale starts now! Shake off that turkey coma and come on down, everything in the store is 50% off through Monday! (This doesn't count for purchasing gift cards, of course).

Sent on 22/11/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= Black Friday THROUGH Cyber Monday SALE!!
We couldn't decide whether to do Black Friday or Cyber Monday.. so we're not going to choose. We're doing a 4-day weekend sale! From Friday, November 24th through the end of Monday November...


Sent on 5/11/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= (~SotM - November - Egypt) CMNT
Your November Set of the Month is here from =EC Designs=, enjoy!


Sent on 5/10/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= (~SotM - October - Italy) CMNT
INCOMING!! Your October Set of the Month from =EC Designs=!


Sent on 18/9/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= (~SotM - September - Scottish Highlands) CMNT
Incoming! Your =EC Designs= Set of the Month, inspired by the Scottish Highlands. Enjoy!


Sent on 1/8/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= (~SotM - August - Kenya) CMNT
Incoming!! Your Set of the Month from =EC Designs=, this month inspired by Kenya. Thank you for being a subscriber!


Sent on 27/7/17

Attachment: The Little Fir - Information
We are pleased to present ~ The Little Fir ~, which is a remodel of one of our older builds. Please see the notecard for all the information. If you have one of our originals and would like to...


Sent on 18/7/17

Attachment: =EC Designs= Customer Loyalty Rewards
=EC Designs= now has customer rewards! Check out the notecard for all the details.