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Sent on 1/12/17

Attachment: *CM* INFO 11/30/17
** CM ** NOTICES ** FIFTY5 THURSDAYS. *CM* Tango One of our better sold poses, from our tango series and a dress with a nice pattern for this Christmas time for coming. It comes in 5 fitted...


Sent on 24/11/17

Attachment: *CM* INFO 11/24/17
This round of FIFTY5 THURSDAY is really special to us. One of our ever best poses is now on sale. And more news in notecard... [

Sent on 16/11/17

Attachment: *CM* INFO 11/16/17
** CM ** NOTICES ** FIFTY5 THURSDAYS. *CM* Roxy * Next round of FIFTY5 THURSDAY with one color of our first clothing design, each piece, skirt and clouse are sold separately, fitted mesh in 5...


Sent on 9/11/17

Attachment: *CM* INFO 11/09/17
After too much time out of FIFTY5 THURSDAY or releasing new poses at shop, we are back with a crazy ofter. A chaise longue with 6 different laying female poses in two spots and 3 poses for...


Sent on 24/3/17

Attachment: * CM * INFO 03/24/17
this round of Fifty5 thursday still at shop, follow the steps and try it !!


Sent on 11/11/16

Attachment: *CM* INFO 11/11/16
*This round of FIFTY THURSDAY has started and a suggestive pose is waiting for you 50% off [

Sent on 4/11/16

Attachment: *CM* INFO 11/08/16
For this round of FIFTY5 THURSDAY we are offering a couple pose that has not ever sold before and was created as a gift to some friends. It is now 50% its normal price, after this round ends it...


Sent on 27/10/16

Attachment: * CM * INFO 10/27/16
We have joined to FIFTY5 THURSDAY with one of our couple poses, which, only for this event, is set to 50% its normal price. More info in the notecard.


Sent on 13/2/16

Attachment: *CM* Valentine Top
Our Gift for this month... so so LOVELY !!


Sent on 17/1/16

Attachment: *CM* Roxy Blouse WHITE
THIS IS OUR GIFT THIS MONTH, also for in world group members. Our first attempt as clothing designers, hope you like it. Complete set is now 20% in our main shop


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