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Sent on 1/12/18

Attachment: Vicious Decay - Pollux Lucidus
Realistic and beautiful wood single story home that will look wonderful on snow, grass and sand. Inside are 4 rooms. One large room with a set of double doors, 2 medium rooms on the other side of...


Sent on 20/11/18

Attachment: Vicious Decay - Mesh Store "Juno"
This time around I have a beautiful rustic store for you, with a country feel to it. This lovely store his an entrance, a hallway and 5 sales rooms where you can display your products. The...


Sent on 1/11/18

Attachment: Vicious Decay - Mesh Skybox 'Virtus'
Step into the future with this new skybox!


Sent on 8/8/17

Attachment: Vicious Decay - Mesh House Minerva
Minerva is a beautiful tudor inspired home with a pinch of fantasy that has a lot of details.


Sent on 8/7/17

Attachment: A Few New Releases: Chaos, Zelos Lux, Zelos Lapis &zelos Lignum
Few new exciting releases from Vicious Decay for The Home Show event!


Sent on 7/5/17

Attachment: New L$1 promo skybox
New L$1 promo skybox.. Alice In Wonderland Themed


Sent on 27/5/16

Attachment: Vicious Decay - Mesh House 'Crius'
With pride I announce a new release: Crius. This beautiful Tudor inspired house gives you a lot of space with a low land impact! Grab the Notecard for additional details and a photo of the home.


Sent on 29/4/16

Attachment: Vicious Decay - 'Hybris ' New Release!
Exciting new release from Vicious Decay!


Sent on 26/1/16

Attachment: New from Vicious Decay... Mesh Building 'Geras'
New VIcious Decay release: Mesh Building 'Geras'


Sent on 7/1/16

Attachment: Vicious Decay - Mesh house Delas
New release: Mesh house Delas. Grab the notecard for more details


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