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Sent 1 week, 1 day ago

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Thanks to LL I have to update all my house rezzing vendors in-world. All other vendors have NOT been affected & work perfectly. I have finished the newest homes first. Discount homes & petite...


Sent on 28/2/20

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 02/28/2020
Happy almost March! New release today, 2 hunts & a new group gift. All the details in the nc! Dragonia ♥


Sent on 15/2/20

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 02/15/2020
*Waves* New VIP Group Gift today & a new release! Catch the incoming nc! Have a great weekend! Dragonia ♥


Sent on 7/2/20

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 02/07/2020
Have a happy Friday with a New Release! Details as always are in the nc! Dragonia ♥


Sent on 17/1/20

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 01/17/2020
First new release of 2020!!! I hope you like it, details in my nc! Dragonia <3


Sent on 24/12/19

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares
Draggy Clause has put a gift under the tree. :D Happy Holidays everyone!


Sent on 20/12/19

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 12/20/2019
So many gifts, tis the season to be jolly and a new release!! Please read the nc and happy holidays! Dragonia ♥


Sent on 29/11/19

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 11/29/2019
50% off ALL HOUSES! Read nc for more details! Happy Shopping! Dragonia <3


Sent on 15/11/19

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 11/15/2019
Hello! I'm back from vacation! New hunt & event coming up. Please read the nc for details. Dragonia <3


Sent on 6/10/19

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 10/6/2019
So much to tell you this week! Please read the nc! Dragonia <3


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