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Home of the "Simple Things" storage system for the G&S Roleplay system. Please be sure to set your maturity rating to a minimum of Moderate, preferably General, Moderate and Adult.

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Sent on 28/3/17

Attachment: 3/28/2017 Updates
Updates Forthcoming! BE Prepared!


Sent on 16/4/16

Attachment: 4/16/2016 Fixes
Notecard shows the fixes of several items that will be sent out shortly


Sent on 24/3/16

Attachment: (none)
Full System updates coming soon! Be prepared to get a package with scripts as well as a package with the new scripts already in their respective storage units. This update will allow for easy...


Sent on 21/3/16

Attachment: Medieval Metal Main Store
Now available in both the MP, the main store and the satelight store at Northern Market!! Updated Blacksmith, Blacksmith 2 AND the Carpentry storage! New main store location, same sim, different...


Sent on 22/2/16

Attachment: (none)
Sous Chef Table owners: If you did not receive your updates of the Sous Chef table and the shopping bag that contains the box with the scripts to put into your old tables, PLEASE let me know so...


Sent on 21/2/16

Attachment: (none)
New Sous Chef table (v8) has been sent out along with the scripts needed to transfer objects from old tables to new tables. Please follow instructions in the table script shopping bag to install...


Sent on 16/2/16

Attachment: (none)
Plates and bowl updated and fixed, sent out; Sous chef table getting a special update soon, waiting on script breaker to stamp it with his seal of approval. Secret recipe HUD will go out when...


Sent on 14/2/16

Attachment: (none)
Flies in the soup!!! There were flies in the soup... chef had to take all the bowls back and bring out fresh ones... Fixed bowls have been sent out, if you did not get yours, please leave me a...


Sent on 11/2/16

Attachment: (none)
Sous Chef table is now version 7.2 to correct some issues with HUDs and added back in the recipe list in the table. Please allow some time for the CasperVend updater to send out the updates. If...


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