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Sent 12 hours, 9 minutes ago

Attachment: What is renaissance? - lecture -
Greetings! Please read the enclosed notecard


Sent on 20/7/20

Attachment: SSL poster - DavidFlor talk - 26-Jul-2020
special lecture in Salem School - poster attached -26 Jul


Sent on 15/5/20

Attachment: SSL Poster Burn the Witch 15-May-2020 (V2a)
Please get the poster about the lecture of today (LM inside)


Sent on 14/5/20

Attachment: Camp Italia Gateway
Questa sera a camp Italia discussione sull'archeologia virtuale e poi visita a MusA (in italiano, in voice)


Sent on 13/4/20

Attachment: Invitation - Easter in Camp Italia
Happy Easter


Sent on 24/3/20

Attachment: Naumachia 2020
dear friends please accept this invitation


Sent on 30/7/19

Attachment: lecture
new lecture: please read the attached note


Sent on 29/6/19

Attachment: Ann von Rhein Vernissage 29th June 1 PM
come and party in a renaissance chateau


Sent on 26/6/19

Attachment: Ann von Rhein Vernissage 29th June 1 PM
Come to the vernissage of the paintings and pictures of Ann von Rhein in a wonderful renaissance environment!


Sent on 14/6/19

Attachment: colosseum tulipanonero
errata corrige


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