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Official update group for Onsu products.

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Sent on 10/1/21

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 01/10/21 ~ "Roseville" House
Hey guys, new release at the Onsu mainstore! The "Roseville" is an eye-catching French Eclectic Style 3 Bed 2 Bath House with an abundance of soul, character and warmth. Check the notecard for...


Sent on 3/12/20

Attachment: Onsu ~ Group Gift ~ "Princeton" House
Hey guys! New group gift - the "Princeton", a charming 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom house! We've had a lot of requests for smaller homes so we thought this would be the perfect gift! Love, onsu <3


Sent on 22/10/20

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 10/22/20 ~ 2020 Snow Roof Add-Ons
We just released snow roof add-ons for our 2 latest homes: the "Rochester" and the "Woodford". Snow Roofs for past releases are also available in the same section. Check the notecard for pictures...


Sent on 17/10/20

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 10/17/20 ~ "St. Cloud" Skybox
Hey Guys! New release at the Onsu Mainstore: The "St. Cloud" - A romantic 2 Bed 1 Bath Skybox featuring opulent detailing, many customization options and a built in closet! Check the notecard for...


Sent on 18/7/20

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 07/18/20 ~ "Rochester" House
Hey guys, new release at the Onsu mainstore! The "Rochester" an impressive 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom modestly sized mansion with a luxurious sprawling patio & high end walk in closet! Check out the...


Sent on 15/4/20

Attachment: Onsu ~ Subscriber Gift ~ "Downtown" Skybox
Hi guys! We have a new subscriber gift for you :) The "Downtown" Skybox, a 2 Bed 2 Bath city apartment skybox. Notecard with more info should arrive soon. Love, Onsu <3


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