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Sent 1 week, 2 days ago

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 02/17/20 ~ "Woodford" House
Hey guys! New release at the Onsu Mainstore: The "Woodford", An elegant 3 Bed 2 Bath House. Features a marble entry with a curved staircase, 2 Sunrooms a Master suite with a Walk-In Closet & much...


Sent on 9/1/20

Attachment: Onsu ~ Mainstore Downtime Information
Hey guys! Sorry for the mainstore downtime - the server our sim is on was having some issues. The mainstore is back up now! Love, Onsu.


Sent on 9/12/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 12/09/19 ~ Gift Cards!
Hey Guys! Gift Cards are now out at the Onsu mainstore! 9 different options available. As always, additional details, pictures, and a landmark can be found inside. Love, Onsu ♥


Sent on 2/12/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 12/05/19 ~ "Greenfield" House & Snow Roof
Hey guys, new release at the Onsu mainstore! The "Greenfield" House & Snow Roof. The "Greenfield" is a quaint 3 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Tudor Style Home featuring a gorgeous painted brick exterior with...


Sent on 5/11/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 11/05/19 ~ 2019 Snow Roof Add-Ons
Hey guys! Snow roofs for 2019 House Models are now out at the Onsu Mainstore. Check out the attached notecard for Pictures and Landmarks! Love, Onsu.


Sent on 17/10/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 10/17/19 ~ "Westport" House
Hey guys! New release at the Onsu Mainstore: The "Westport"! A cozy & light filled 4 bed 3 Bath House with a wraparound porch, wraparound deck AND a built in closet in the master suite! Check out...


Sent on 7/8/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ SALE! (Up to 50% Off) + New Mainstore Location!
Hey Guys! We just moved mainstore locations and We're having a SALE! Our new mainstore location is on the "Onsu" Sim, and we're having a sale to celebrate it! Up to 50% Off, So come check it out...


Sent on 7/7/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 7/7/19 ~ "Palo Alto" House
Hey guys! New release at the Onsu Mainstore - the "Palo Alto" House, a Luxurious transitional (Perfect blend between Traditional and Modern☺) 3/4 Bedroom Home with lots of windows and a gorgeous...


Sent on 26/5/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 5/26/19 ~ "Soho" Skybox
Hey guys! New release out at the Onsu Mainstore: The "Soho" Skybox, 3 Bed 1 Bath, sleek and timeless 2 Story Penthouse Apartment! Check out the attached notecard for more details, pictures and...


Sent on 26/4/19

Attachment: Onsu ~ New Release 4/26/19 ~ "Rivercrest" House
Hey Guys! New release at the Onsu Mainstore: The "Rivercrest" a romantic One Story, 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath House with an attached garage! More info, Landmarks and pictures in the attached notecards!...


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