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Join *PF::Pearl Fashion to keep yourself updated with new female attire releases. Clothes are compatible with Omega System,Maitreya Lara,Slink Physiques.Mesh&Fitmesh Clothes!!

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Sent 6 days, 4 hours ago

Attachment: leila leather
*PF::Leila leather Outfit Include Model for: Maitreya, Slink Physiques&Hourglass Belleza Isis,Venus&Freya Ocacin&Voluptuous Tonic Fine&Curvy Ebody TMP Hud Driven:3 Textures

Sent 1 week, 1 day ago

Attachment: Shiny Panties
*PF::Shiny Panties Include fitmesh Model for Maitreya,Slink Physiques,Hourglass,Belleza ,TMP. Hud Driven 11 textures

Sent 2 weeks ago

Attachment: *PF:: New Gifts &GROUP Gift February 2020
Comee get your gifts !!!!February Gifts are out now!!! Group Gift:*PF:: Be Mine Gift1:*PF::Valentine Top2020 GIFT2:*PF::Valentine Skirt2020 Exclusive TeleportHub Gift:*PF::Love2020 See...


Sent 3 weeks ago

Attachment: Marla
*PF::Marla1 Include fitmesh models, Model for Maitreya,Slink Physiques&Hourglass,Belleza Isis,Venus&Freya,,ocacin,Voluptuous,Tonic,ebody, tmp,tonic Hud Driven:13 Textures

Sent 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: jaida
*PF::Jaida Include fitmesh Model for Maitreya,Slink Physiques,Hourglass,Belleza Isis,Freya,Venus ,fitmesh,ebody. Hud Driven 6 Textures

Sent on 25/1/20

Attachment: Nelly
*PF::Nelly Include: Mesh Shoes for Slink Phisiques,Hourglass &Maitreya Hud Driven-7 Textures (mix&Match)

Sent on 22/1/20

Attachment: greta
*PF::Greta Include fitmesh Model for Maitreya,Slink Physiques & hourglass,Belleza Isis,Venus,Freya ,fitmesh,ebody Hud Driven 9 Textures

Sent on 22/1/20

Attachment: larita
*PF::Larita Include fitmesh standard, Model for Maitreya,Slink Physiques&Hourglass,Belleza Isis,Venus&Freya,,ocacin,Voluptuous,Tonic. Hud Driven:8 Textures

Sent on 16/1/20

Attachment: *PF::Pearl Fashion
New Year!!! New Store !!! Many Discounts in all vendors!!!! 50% Sale in all Vendors!!! Come check new gifts & Group Gift!!! Thank youuu! New LM atached!!


Sent on 15/1/20

Attachment: Melly Wedges
*PF::Melly Wedges Include: Mesh Sandals for Belleza,Slink&Maitreya Hud Driven-13 Textures (mix&Match) Monaco City (115,99,21)

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