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Sent 1 day, 16 hours ago

Attachment: cougar_001
Another car that has been a long time coming but worth the wait is here. 1970 Cougar! Many options as you know and new sounds and animations!

Sent 1 week, 2 days ago

Attachment: *ThisNThat 4Th Of July FireWorks Launcher
Hope everyone is good and staying safe. Sending out a new gift from ThisNThat. A Fourth of july launcher! Enjoy !


Sent 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: Simple Landing Point Clearer
Hello everyone, have some exciting new cars coming out this weekend but in the mean time. Here is a simple Landing point clearer. You just rezz it put it where you want it and touch it to make it...


Sent on 8/6/20

Attachment: *This&That WorkBench With Light
Hey all sorry to send out two messages in the same day. Thought you might like this gift. its another table but with a neat light that you can click.. Enjoy!

Sent on 7/6/20

Attachment: stang (2)
After a long time of waiting. Finally the stang is done. Comes in both black and white colors with the textures and a cool new drift slide this car is really bad ass... Come take a test spin!

Sent on 13/5/20

Attachment: ram
After a long time and allot of hair pulling out its done. the full real Ram!

Sent on 26/4/20

Attachment: Track
Hello again. So I screwed up and didn't send out the new Ft1 with the right notecard labled "Fast" So here it is. ALso for fun. Put it in any ThisNthat car and see what you can do. Just load the...


Sent on 26/4/20

Attachment: Ft1
Long over due release of the *ThisNThat Ft1. This car is a track recored breaker! Lean mean and ready to run. come check her out!

Sent on 2/4/20

Attachment: *ThisNThatScifi Hover Bike HUD Wear ME
Had some new members of the group as about sending out our hover bike so here you go! Keep checking with us have some new things coming this weekend


Sent on 22/3/20

Attachment: (none)
Hello Everyone.Hope your all well. Set up a bowling lane up at the demo track for some fun. If you score above 100 in a game you get a free vehicle! Have some fun and enjoy!

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