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SecondPets™Update List for breedable fishes.

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Sent on 10/4/19

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Second Pets™ Fishes version update. This update has bug fixes.


Sent on 8/3/19

Attachment: Second Pets server maintenance 3
Second Pets server maintenance is complete. We apologize for the long downtime. Everything should be working now, please contact us if you experience any errors.


Sent on 6/3/19

Attachment: Second Pets server maintenance 2
Second Pets server maintenance is taking longer than planned. We appologize for the problem. We will have it fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.


Sent on 5/3/19

Attachment: Second Pets server maintenance
Second Pets server maintenance - The Second Pets server will be undergoing maintenance today, Tuesday March 5, 2019. Fish will be unable to breed during this time and may show error messages. You...


Sent on 27/11/17

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SECOND PETS™ BLACK FRIDAY SALE! All Fishes 50% off until Nov 30th All Second Pets™ Fishes Starter Packages are L$686 at the in-worls store until the 30th...


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