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A subscription group for the blog Rhandom Rhamblings with Rhaenys, a look at all things Second Life, but most particularly, fashion...OH! and SHOES...don't ever forget SHOES!

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Sent on 20/1/19

Attachment: a matter of heart sl
The tears confused her... after all she had no heart Blog -

Sent on 14/1/19

Attachment: spring invites winter to dance 2.sl
Spring invites Lord Winter to dance...irrISIStible @ SWANK Blog -

Sent on 12/1/19

Attachment: She's a Rainbow
Become the rainbow - at SWANK Blog -

Sent on 8/1/19

Attachment: Inspired by SWANK
Inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany's - come to SWANk and find your inspiration! Blog -

Sent on 7/1/19

Attachment: Warming up sl
Sometimes you have to stop and smell the hot chocolate, then go to SWANK Blog -

Sent on 6/1/19

Attachment: In the club - in Blacklace
In the club, and looking good! Blog - https://rhandomrhaenys.blogspot.com/2019/01/smooth.html Flickr -...


Sent on 5/1/19

Attachment: Afternoon Delight sl
He came home early...She cancelled appointments... Blog -

Sent on 3/1/19

Attachment: Jumo for Makeover Room
A quiet winter's walk. Blog -

Sent on 1/1/19

Attachment: Nocturne sl
The Quiet of a Winter's Night Calls you Home Blog -

Sent on 30/12/18

Attachment: Peace will guide the planet sl
Celebrate the coming of a New Year! Blog -

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