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Sent on 28/10/19

Attachment: Moulin Rouge Events - November - December 2019
Hi all! It's that time again! Sending out the list of upcoming events for November and December @ Moulin Rouge and hope you all can make it out to join us!


Sent on 8/12/18

Attachment: The Moulin Rouge - NEW 2016
LIVE - COLORS OF BURLESQUE DANCE SHOW SATURDAY 12/8/2018 7PM SLT The Moulin Rouge presents a special show with a colorful variety of solos, duets and group acts. We have chosen some of our...


Sent on 8/7/18

Attachment: The Moulin Rouge - NEW 2016
LIVE @ 12PM NOON TODAY - This week, the dancers put several musical selections into a hat and then randomly drew a song or two to choreograph (not knowing what they would get). Come join us for a...


Sent on 9/6/18

Attachment: The Moulin Rouge - NEW 2016
LIVE @ 7PM SLT TONIGHT - DISCO FEVER - The Moulin Rouge Revue will be presenting live a special disco show. We hope you come down and join us for a spectacular performance by our dancers to some...


Sent on 24/3/18

Attachment: (none)
LIVE - DIVAS & DOLLS SHOW @ MOULIN ROUGE - 3/24/18 7PM SLT From Christina, Mariah, Madonna, Selena, and Katy among others, the Moulin Rouge Dancers brighten the stage with their presence on this...


Sent on 15/3/18

Attachment: (none)
LIVE @ 6PM SLT TONIGHT - JOAQUIN GUSTAV @ MOULIN ROUGE The Moulin Rouge is proud to present LIVE - Joaquin Gustav. Coming LIVE from Argentina, Joaquin is without question one of the most talented...


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