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Sent 2 days, 17 hours ago

Attachment: #Mewsery :[demos] SoftGirl Eye Makeup [wear]
Hello Kittens, This week’s 69L (one day) Humpday Sale features a selection of eyeshadow colors. I have included BOM and Genus appliers. Hope you like xo Flickr HD:

Sent 5 days, 11 hours ago

Attachment: #Mewsery :Sou Jin Shape [AD]
Hello! I just realized that I forgot to share this shape promo with the guys. So the month of May is Asian-Pacific American heritage month, to honor that, I have set out this shape as a gift. Wear...


Sent 5 days, 11 hours ago

Attachment: #Mewsery - Asami [bento] Pose Pack [AD]
Hello Kittens xo, There is a new pose pack at the main store for girls with boobage. Well, depending on how big yours are, these will be fun to try. Come over and see if the fit xo Flickr HD:

Sent 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Attachment: #Mewsery :Lost Girls Makeup [AD]
Hello♥ Here is another makeup mega pack for the one day Humpday Sale for 69L at the mainstore. This one is called Lost Girl. Enjoyxo Flickr HD:

Sent 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Attachment: #Mewsery - Trust [Bento] Couple's Pose [AD]
Hello Kittens♥ New couple's pose out now at the mainstore. It is called Trust. :) Flickr HD: Surl:

Sent 1 month ago

Attachment: #Mewsery - Diamond Dew Eyeshadow Collection [AD]
Hello Kittens For this 69L HumpDay sale which happens every wednesday. I am sharing this eyeshadow set. Right now it has BOM layers, it is shown on the Genus "Babyface" mesh head. Flickr HD:

Sent on 25/4/20

Attachment: [Demo] #Mewsery x {CowTea} New Model Eyebrows [wear me]
Happy Weekend Everyone! For this weekend’s 60L sale, Mewsery will have the “New Model Eyebrows” Genus applier available for sale. This item is an old release under the old brandname {CowTea}....


Sent on 22/4/20

Attachment: #Mewsery Boudior & Galadriel [Genus][DEMOS] - 69L Sale
Happy Humpday! For this 69L Humpday Sale, I have updated and set out two makeup sets, you will be able to grab the BOM and GENUS appliers for 69L each for this one day sale. Please try the demos....


Sent on 20/4/20

Attachment: #Mewsery - Razor Earring [AD]
Hello Kittens, Here's a little something for you. It's a razor earring. "Earring" because there is only one earring on the left ear... long story but, I think it looks kinda cool. Please try the...


Sent on 17/4/20

Attachment: #Mewsery - Relax [Bento] Pose Pack [AD]
Hellloooo, Happy weekend! This is the 3rd set of poses for men at Mewsery! These are out now for the 60L Weekend only sale. ♥: Iɴ Wᴏʀʟᴅ

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