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Sent on 12/12/19

Attachment: Luova // Star Earrings Group Gift // 12.12.2019
I've just released the Luova // Star Earrings // Fatpack as a group gift! You can grab it at the mainstore ♥ I hope you enjoy!


Sent on 3/11/19

Attachment: Luova // New Release & Giveaway // 03.11.2019
Luova // Bunny // Bento Ring New Release & Giveaway! Please check the notecard for more info ♥


Sent on 7/9/19

Attachment: Luova is back! // News & Updates // 07.09.2019
Dear subscriber, I'm sending you a message regarding Luova's news & updates, please read the notecard for more information! Thank you ♥


Sent on 20/3/19

Attachment: Luova // New Releases & Giveaway // 21.03.2019
Hey everyone, hope you're all doing great today, there's a new release & giveaway at Luova, be sure to check it out! For the first week, new releases have a 25% direct discount only at the...


Sent on 1/3/19

Attachment: Luova // New Releases & More // 01.03.2019
New Group Gift - L$150 Gift Card - You can grab 1 per month. New Release - Luova // Ruby // Mesh Ring, the Fatpack has a 75% direct discount, HUD Driven with 12 metals and 24 gem textures....


Sent on 27/2/19

Attachment: Luova // New Releases // Giveaway // 27.02.2019
New Releases have a 25% discount for 1 week at the in-world store only ♥ Please check out the notecard for all info. There's new releases, a giveaway, a new lucky chair, giftcards are now...