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Sent on 12/4/20

Attachment: Mini A Chuu - Table For Display v2.0
Happy Easter Everyone :D Hope you and your loved ones are all staying safe and have a wonderful day today ♥ Here's a little gift, a display table that is only 1LI that i have made from scratch...


Sent on 8/3/20

Attachment: (none)
@everyone The time has come for us to answer the call of Fantasy Faire Tabletop Games 2020!! For this year, we will be introducing Tabletop Games classes along with hosting many amazing game...


Sent on 17/2/20

Attachment: Mini A Chuu Hope 8 - Sponsored by Hilted
Have a look at the Home and Garden exclusives diorama that are both original cartography and original works :D I certainly think i have improved a lot in these works of mine Love you alllll


Sent on 24/12/19

Attachment: Mini A Chuu - Santa Monkey Plushie
Santa Monkey is now released!!! Merry Christmassssss!!! MP links below:

Sent on 21/12/19

Attachment: Mini A Chuu - Santa Monkey Plushie (Decor Only) (Mod)
From Mini A Chuu owner, I wish you a very happy Christmas holiday and a wonderful new year, enjoy this little plushies as my token of appreciation for sticking with Mini A Chuu in 2019. Love, Chuu ♥


Sent on 2/12/19

Attachment: Mini A Chuu - OwO boxhead (add)
It's My Birthday!!!!! Because it's my birthday, everyone get to have this latest works that i'm working on, it's adorable :DDD Love you all and thank you for sticking with Mini A Chuu and me...


Sent on 22/11/19

Attachment: Mini A Chuu
Mini A Chuu Black Friday Sales - All products are now 50% off for our group members until the end of next Friday :D Spread da worddsssssss Love, Chuu ♥


Sent on 6/11/19

Attachment: (none)
Class 2 on "Intro to D&D" in late November After you have your character created. next in order is an impromptu, absolutely casual games to get you used to the gameplay ♥ I will try to keep it...


Sent on 1/11/19

Attachment: Tabletop Gazette - October 2019 - Issue 4
here's your latest news of everything regarding Tabletop in the past month of not just in SL but also in RL as well issued by our Tabletop partner, /studioDire/ Love, Chuu ♥


Sent on 28/10/19

Attachment: Mini A Chuu - Animal Prison Diorama
hiya lovers, here's a subscriber and group gift for October, a 9LI only diorama with great LOD, i'm thinking of changing my build style completely from here on to this style so hope you all can...


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