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- Gestures for the canned ham in all of us! - Gestures to fit your attitude & personality. - Type sound & animation. Quirky, fresh, off beat humor. - Holiday gestures - Drag Race gestures - Custom gestures

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Sent 3 weeks, 4 days ago

Attachment: Canned Spam for February
I don't send a lot of messages, but yep they are newsy... this one's no exception. Please read the notecard for all the happenings and events.


Sent on 1/1/20

Attachment: January Spamminess!
Happy New Year! Here’s the monthly SpamRave! happenings.


Sent on 5/12/19

Attachment: SpamRave! December News
Here's the SpamRave News for December! :-)


Sent on 2/11/19

Attachment: November News
Yes it's that time again. New stuff and news! Please read the notecard.


Sent on 4/10/19

Attachment: Additional Spam with more Event Info
I've enclosed some landmarks and a little background on the two events that open tomorrow. Happy shopping!


Sent on 1/10/19

Attachment: October Spam!
It's all good news in the Spam industry! Read the notecard for the latest update.


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Rayvn Evermore 's Subscribe-O-Matic Serene Paradise (246,205,26)
Rayvn Evermore 's Subscribe-O-Matic Cepheus Isle 2 (170,190,28)