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by Joining this group you agree to the following: * You will respect each member. * You will not slander Redangel. * You will not harass or grief the group at any time. Failure to follow these simple rules will get you banned without a refund. opened for business 30th may 2015!.

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Sent 5 days ago

Attachment: Redangel Mainstore Est. 2015
Im sending you a quick message to let you know that our main store has now moved location, you can get the landmark from the attachment below :)


Sent 2 weeks ago

Attachment: (none)
Hey guys If you have purchased the fatpack of gym outfits or even lucky enough to win them on the midnight madness board, the issue with them not unpacking has not been fixed, so on your next...


Sent 2 weeks, 1 day ago

Attachment: RD - Easter Outfit 18
Just wanted to wish you all a very happy easter, and whatever you do please stay safe, sending you a FREE easter gift xx


Sent 2 weeks, 5 days ago

Attachment: (none)
Dont forget to take advantage of the 60% off sale in the bargain box section of the mainstore which can be found by clicking this link --->

Sent 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Attachment: (none)
The Bargain box is back at Redangel.... No group needed everything in the section is 60% off to everyone so be sure to visit the Redangel main store and see our bargains --->

Sent on 18/3/21

Attachment: (none)
Hey guys, its still not to late, to purchase the St patricks day stuff it will be available in the redangel mainstore till the 20th also dont forget to join the FAB free group for your chance to...


Sent on 12/3/21

Attachment: St Patricks New Releases at Redangel
Hello guys, this weeks release is the st patricks day shirts, which are available both inworld & online.... please check out the notecard for more information thank you for shopping at Redangel :)


Sent on 1/3/21

Attachment: St Patrick's Day @ [L.T] 2/28/21


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