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 Alienbear Gupte
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 Alienbear's Jewelry
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Sent on 8/12/12

Attachment: 50% off clearance sale @ Alienbear's
50% off clearance sale at Alienbear's main shop Some...


Sent on 27/11/12

Attachment: Sakura Wishes Promote


Sent on 20/11/12

Attachment: Haruka all
Where to buy?


Sent on 28/10/11

Attachment: halloween 2011 gifts
Been busy in rl . Miss you guys so much. Though I didn't have time to make anything for sell in this halloween, I do make gift for you guys:- - Black widow necklace (man/ lady version) - copy...


Sent on 31/8/11

Attachment: secret hiden 10L gift set bubble dream direct lm
HURRY to get this 10L platinum hunt bubble set Or it will be back to normal price 400L in 1 hour! Will take away at 11:59pm today (31 August 2011)!!


Sent on 26/8/11

Attachment: 26 Aug 2011 Alienbear's New release
please check notecard for Alienbear's new release & don't miss the 10L hunt platinum gift Bubble dream.


Sent on 19/8/11

Attachment: 18 Aug 2011 Alienbear's New release
Alienbear's new release & 10L hunt gift for Platinum hunt


Sent on 13/8/11

Attachment: 12 Aug 2011 Alienbear's New release
new jewels & 10L jewels gify for Platinum hunt by Chic management. Please check notecard for details.


Sent on 24/7/11

Attachment: 20 July 2011 Alienbear's New release & charity sets
Sharmila set is newly released as an Exclusive set at my new Satelite shop at Elikatira hair. Please check notecard for details. Queen of My precious Summer season ended & share with you the...


Sent on 6/6/11

Attachment: 6 June 2011 Alienbear's New release & charity sets
June Jewelry gift & new release @ ALienbear's


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