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 Cady Enoch
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 The Anglican Cathedral in SL
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A distinctively Anglican church within SL for those who are Anglicans or who share the Anglican heritage, and for those of other denominations who value what we provide. We also welcome those who are exploring the Christian faith.

Recent messages

Sent on 8/12/18

Attachment: Posada 2018 Schedule as of 08 December
Update for the Posada schedule!


Sent on 4/12/18

Attachment: Posada 2018 Schedule as of 04 December
Hello everyone! just in case you havent got this through one of your other groups...


Sent on 28/11/18

Attachment: Epiphany schedule December 2018
Hello and here is the new schedule for Epiphany Island. May Advent and Christmas bring joy and peace to us all.


Sent on 30/10/18

Attachment: Epiphany schedule November 2018
Good evening everyone and here is the schedule for November from Epiphany Island.


Sent on 30/9/18

Attachment: Epiphany schedule October 2018
Hello everyone, and as Creationtide draws to a close, here is the Epiphany schedule for October.


Sent on 31/8/18

Attachment: Epiphany schedule September 2018
Welcome to Creationtide and the September schedule for Epiphany!


Sent on 22/8/18

Attachment: Anglican Cathedral of SL, Epiphany Island
Epiphany, our sim, has been moved to a different part of the grid, but the world map has not been updated yet. If you try to teleport to us from an SLURL or the map, it may tell you that our...


Sent on 21/8/18

Attachment: Temporary home for Epiphany
Message for friends of Epiphany


Sent on 18/8/18

Attachment: (none)
check out for an update!


Sent on 30/7/18

Attachment: Changes on Epiphany 2018
an important update!