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Sent on 19/12/17

Attachment: 50% sale tiar
saaaaaaaaaaaaaaale i moving sim sooooooo come over enjoy the 50% of all

Sent on 5/12/17

Attachment: Broken Rulez Xmas Market
dont miss it 30 stores with sales and free gifts.. advent calnderand more


Sent on 12/12/16

Attachment: collageMidnight Mania
itttttttttttttttttts 12 days to xmas event every day you get a new item in the MM to day is Miss santa.. i will work my best to change nad do unisex as well so come by eveyr day

Sent on 26/11/16

Attachment: TIAR * Black Friday & Cyber Monday - A personal invitation!
Sending info about a big blackfrieday event go over.. lots free stuff and offers to 30 and 35L also come to store and check out the adventcaldnder

Sent on 7/11/16

Attachment: The Fantasy Gacha Carnival Nov. 16
its open so ruuuun


Sent on 29/10/16

Attachment: Spooky Scary Sales - 35L Event
still open so run ovr gt some sexy to haloween.. more info and lm in nc.. kisses


Sent on 19/10/16

Attachment: Spooky Scary Sales - 35L Event
take the trip to the spokesale for lots free stuff everyting 35L

Sent on 9/10/16

Attachment: (none)
Coco a new Adultclub opening the 15 october in my sim Join the gorup to get more info secondlife:///app/group/53670da7-d6bf-2042-76d7-854a818959f6/about


Sent on 7/10/16

Attachment: Dude 35L Cart Sale - Oct. 7th to 9th
A event just for the duds.. Yeees so the nice is.. all is 35L and also cna find some nice free gifts there... so take the lm and come on over

Sent on 16/9/16

Attachment: 4th Jackpot Gacha Fair
30L a try and you never know if you get 1-2 or 3 items and 1 winner get 100 free try... gift on every spot more info on nc