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 The Gentlemen Bastards
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The Gentleman Bastards Mini-Mall! Furniture, houses, orreries, dungeons, lamps, lanterns, skyboxes, low-prim skyboxes, male newbie starter kit, arbors, fireplaces, gentleman's study, yurt, Gorean servery, freebies... all kinds of stuff for cheap bastards everywhere.

Recent messages

Sent on 31/3/17

Attachment: GB City is closing
Regrets... we've had a few, but then again... Sadly, GB City is finally closing. Please check the notecard for more info.


Sent on 9/12/16

Attachment: HASRA is now closed, but GB City is still open!
Updates for HASRA and GB City. Please read the attached notecard!


Sent on 29/4/15

Attachment: A 2-prim mesh steampunk fireplace? Don't mind if I do, son!
More steampunky goodness out at Domicile: this time a 2LI metal fireplace. Just in time for summer ;-)


Sent on 24/2/15

Attachment: Light up your Kingdom (Brunel)
New mesh lamps are out in Domicile for all you steampunkers! Check out the notecard for details :-)


Sent on 23/1/15

Attachment: GB City is now HASRA ;-)
Wondered what the Gentlemen Bastards have been up to lately? Boy, do we have a fun surprise for you ;-) Check out the notecard!


Sent on 8/12/14

Attachment: You can't keep a good Bastard down!
You can't keep a good Bastard down! We're back, and we're all meshed up! Check out the notecard for details ;-)


Sent on 28/2/14

Attachment: Steam Hunt, Steam Special, new build - lots of info!
Steam Hunt info, a new build, new Luckies and Midnight Mania, plus a cheapo Steam Hunt special. Phew, I've been busy! Check out the NC ;-)


Sent on 26/2/14

Attachment: GEARing up for Steam IX
News about the upcoming STEAM IX hunt starting March 1st. I've got a very special, fully-furnished Victorian skybox for you as my prize. Check out the notecard for more info and a chance to preview!


Sent on 2/1/14

Attachment: Domicile: 1LI Trompe l'oeil Gentleman's Retreat (boxed)
Got one measly prim free? Here's a stylish and elegant gift for ya ;-) Happy New Year, Camorri!


Sent on 15/12/13

Attachment: Deck your balls with boughs of... oh... wait...
Merry Christmas, Camorri! Have a freebie and some fresh luckies and MM stuff! <3


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