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 Eversky Aeon
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 The Pony Store
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The Pony Store is an ecclectic outlet for SL pony needs, ranging from trinkets to pregnancy tummies for horse avatars.

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Sent on 30/6/13

Attachment: theponystorebreezeheels
Ready for fun in the sun? New from The Pony Store ~ Breeze Heels! This is one of the older shoes I came up with awhile back but just got around to box x3 199L in world at one of my vendors or...


Sent on 21/1/13

Attachment: theponystorepawpeepersad
NEW AT THE PONY STORE: (yes, this is a first, two shoe sets in *two days* in a row) Paw Peepers! Cute and adorable high heels with three visible paw toes and precious bow accents. You can find...


Sent on 20/1/13

Attachment: theponystoreburlesqueheelsad
NEW! OMG! Something finally put out from The Pony Store -- brand new paw heels, these Burlesque heels feature mesh as well as sculpts in a sky-high heel that is sure to get you noticed. These...


Sent on 30/9/12

Attachment: Mysterious Envelope (Wear me & touch)
Hello Pony Store fans! I'm still alive I swear! New heels will be coming along soon! But, if you don't mind, I've been working on a very special attraction that will be open the entire month of...


Sent on 8/5/12

Attachment: (none)
Important information about The Pony Store: I am going to start to transition myself since it is becoming likely that I will no longer have a 'mainstore' location in the future. I am going to be...


Sent on 7/4/12

Attachment: The Pony Store - Mainstore
Eggs are out! Hunt's started! Good luck!


Sent on 5/4/12

Attachment: The Pony Store - Easter Hunt 2012 Info
Easter Hunt info at The Pony Store incoming!


Sent on 14/2/12

Attachment: The Pony Club, Caprica (22, 95, 23)
Happy Valentine's Day <3 <3 <3 ~ Don't have something shiny for tonight to wear? Come pick up the Diamonte Heels, on sale for just 99L! Only at the mainstore! Just for today!


Sent on 10/12/11

Attachment: theponystoresocketteheelsad
NEW AT THE PONY STORE: Sockette Heels! Warm wintery/fall heels perfect for the colder weather... and awesome for furries/nekos who want to show off little paw toes! 199L, in world as always! ...


Sent on 9/11/11

Attachment: The Pony Store - SHHH! SUPER SECRET BIRTHDAY SALE!
SUPER SECRET SALE ON PAW HEELS/SHOES AT THE PONY STORE -- don't let it get out :o Incoming notecard for ya' to read all about it. :3