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 Vitabela Dubrovna
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 Vita's Boudoir
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Group for all lovers and admirers of Boudoir design to be informed about new add-ons to collection and group gifts.

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Sent 4 days, 13 hours ago

Attachment: Hope is here! <3
Hope is only thing stronger than fear, Hope is NEW beautiful spring costume in Boudoir! This and many more new Garden releases is waiting for you to cheer you up! Kisses to all Precious &...


Sent on 28/2/20

Attachment: Take Me To The Moon <3
We created really amazing release inspired with our Solar System..check it out ❤


Sent on 13/2/20

Attachment: ***LOVE is in the AIR ***
Dear Ladies, we prepared AMAZING February release!! Check it out ❤❤❤


Sent on 17/1/20

Attachment: NEW Furniture Collection in B O U D O I R!!!
We created AMAZING NEW furniture collection in B O U D O I R !!! Check it out ❤ ❤ ❤


Sent on 5/1/20

Attachment: Think Pink !!!!
FRESH NEW GACHA in B O U D O I R *---------*


Sent on 12/12/19

Attachment: It's CHRISTMAS time!!!
We created some AMAZING items for you! aaaand NEW Christmas Costume *-----*


Sent on 10/11/19

Attachment: FABULOUS release!!!
This is Boudoir's November release and it's FABULOUS!!!! SEE YOU IN BOUDOIR ❤ ❤ ❤


Sent on 30/10/19

Attachment: HALLOWEEN!!!
Looking for last minute costume? We created for YOU! See you in Boudoir ❤


Sent on 24/10/19

Attachment: Fabulous NEW Halloween costume!
It's Ursula!!!


Sent on 17/10/19

Attachment: Halloween awesomeness in Boudoir!!!
We prepared for you more Halloween awesomeness this week! See you in Boudoir ❤


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