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Sent on 4/12/12

Attachment: Project mirror ball - Ravenscroft (BOXED)
Free mirror ball! + mini survey Hello everyone, I know I've been a bit quiet but I have been working away on a few things in the background, we have some exciting new features in SL as far as...


Sent on 5/3/12

Attachment: (none)
Minor update for PRO and BASIC Monday,05 Mar 2012 16:24:41 GMT Just a couple of bug squishes and performance tweaks, nothing essential and you only need to replace the consoles. Fixed a bug with...


Sent on 12/11/11

Attachment: Ravenscroft BASIC update + minor PRO update
Hello everyone, just a quick message to tell you about todays updates , a major update for BASIC users including all the sexy new beams, PRO has also had a small update and now includes BASIC...


Sent on 20/10/11

Attachment: Ravenscroft PRO multi beam update note
PRO laser UPDATE ! Yes it's finally here ! After being held up by various SL changes and uncertainties I have finally been forced to release it due to LL deleting certain mega prims (unknown if I...


Sent on 6/4/11

Attachment: New dance floor and other news from Ravenscroft
Hello everyone , I have just released a new dance floor with some unique features (as far as I know) ,please have a look at the notecard ,try it instore and have a groovy day ;-)


Sent on 1/12/10

Attachment: Ravenscroft 2.0 lasers released !
Lots of new bits , mainly to aid customisation , some new features ,choice of control consoles , high powered strobe (old style beam) , lots of beam improvements , more info in the attached...