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 Sat, May 25th 2019, 01:59
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 Nouvelles Folies Present: Folies of the Throne

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Nouvelles Folies Present: Folies of the Throne In collaboration with Enchantment in May 2019 we have made a show on this months theme Game of Thrones. We offer 5 brand new acts by 4 of our outstanding choreographers inspired by our favorite and not-so-favorite characters from the series. In todays show we have Shadow Tarber, Chrissy Rhiano, Virginnia Kass & Aelva and a few of our dancers. There will be fire, Wildlings, Whitewalkers and more, all set at the event area itself on our streetside stage: Shown on the following dates: Saturday May 25th @ 1pm Saturday June 1st @ 1pm So come by and let us entertain you! If you want to know more about us, check these links: secondlife:///app/group/5ed9ce3d-8236-6572-0604-c028a7804b85/about