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 Zany Xevious
 Thu, Aug 6th 2020, 18:52
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Owsleys Canon!! at 7 PM @ The Merry Prankster!! He's been playing his guitar and singing for more than 40 years in RL . Eleven years ago he left corporate America to devote himself to performing music full time in RL. He played in SL for a bit around 2010-2012 and then his RL music schedule grew dramatically and he decided to concentrate his efforts. Until recently, he averaged around 340 gigs per year in a quaint tourist town in NE Florida. He performs several different styles of shows including singer/songwriters from the 70's, a Harry Chapin tribute, and a Grateful Dead tribute as well. (He really digs the Dead stuff as it can be musically challenging.) Click on this LINK for your ride to Great Music and a Fun time!!